CMTI Principals & Trainers

CMTI’s trainers and staff are highly experienced and skilled professionals.  We maintain high quality standards for all our employees and accept nothing less.

Keith F. Wilson, CCEMT- P, I/C

Keith F. Wilson, CCEMT- P, I/C

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer:

Dr. Daniel A. Muse, M.D.

Medical Director

Gary A. Smith, REMT-P

Director Of Operations

Maureen A. Farrow, RN

Clinical Coordinator

Harry Mathews, BS, REMT-P, I/C

Program Director

Brian Macauley, REMT-P, I/C

EMT Program Director

Nancy Sinkiewicz, REMT-B

OEMS Liaison/Scheduling Coordinator

Chris Stratton, REMT-P

Facilities Coordinator

Barbara Murphy

Administrative Assistant

Melissa Wilson

Human Resources/Marketing

CMTI Instructors

Jack “Cowboy

Ben Coven, REMT-P

Gina Farquarson, RRT, MS

Steve Foster, REMT-P

Jason Mahoney, RN/REMT-P

Tyler Bryant, REMT-P

Chris Harris, REMT-P

Brandon Smith, REMT-P

Freddie “Vizzle

Pat Travers, REMT-P

Jared Murphy, REMT-P

Michael Marciello, REMT-P

Robert F. Wilson, REMT-B

Recruitment Specialist

Steven Dinsmoor, REMT-B

Director Of Technology

Doug Tierney, B.S.

Kevin Mossman, REMT-I

Sales Associate

Director of Business Development

In Memoriam

Peter Duffy, REMT-P, CVT

Dan Farquharson